Travel Hashers

Special Registration for Travel Hashers!

One of the little perks we’re offering to people who live far away from Portland Fucking Oregon (that’s defined as “not in Oregon or Washington”) is that we’ll let you rego up to March 1st at the “early rego” rate of $86.69. If you’re registering before Jan 7th, you’re good to go as it doesn’t get lower than $86.69. If you’re registering after Jan 7, register first, and then email us for further instructions. Please note that just registering doesn’t not guarantee your spot, you have to rego and pay to be counted in the 269.

Crash Space

No guarantees but a lovely wanker or bimbo on the other end of this address will try and find you some crash space. Please list pet allergies, dates you will need crash space, and measurements.

If you’d like to request (or offer) crash space, please e-mail us at and our fabulous Guest Servicer will contact you.

Ho-tel Info

Check out the Green Dress 2019 All Location Map for info on close hotels