Pre/Post Lubes

Think hashing for only three days straight is child’s play? Want to punish your liver with MOAR drinking? Lucky for you, your chances for hashing surrounding GDR weekend are plentiful.

We’ll try to keep this as updated as we can, but always defer to our Oregon hash calendar for the most updated information. However, the website has been temperamental, so if it doesn’t work, you may want to check out our Oregon hash fb page.

** None of these trails are affiliated with GDR, so leave your bitching, old McHashers, etc to the appropriate people. That also means your GDR rego fee does NOT cover hash cash for any of these trails**

Wednesday EVENING, March 7th: Portland Humpin’ Hash House Harriers (PH4)

What better way to kick off green dress weekend than with a good ol’ fashion hump with the portland humpin’ hash?

PH4# 886: HOT BUNS


WHAT? A magical A-A’ romp in only the finest of Portland neighborhoods

WHEN? The most Wednesday of all Wednesday’s, this PDX GDR WEEK Wednesday March 7th. Meet up for genital merriment @ 6:30. Hot Buns makes like a baby and heads out at 7:00. Pack gives chase at 7:15’

WHERE? Suki’s 2401 SW 4th Ave, Portland, OR 97201

WHY? Because Hot Buns likes his new hump and he is determined not to let the current misman fuck it up. ( again)

WHAT TO BRING? Virgins who don’t know any better! Visitors and Backsliders who should know better. Head lamp, shiggy gear, map of tabor, a thirst for beer and $5 for the sexy halfmind with the book.

Thursday EVENING, March 8th: Stumptown Hash House Harriers (SH3) OR No Name Hash House Harriers (N2H3)

Hash with the NoName H3 and/or the Stumptown H3. Count your lucky shamrocks, because the rumor is true: these two fabulous kennels will be crossing paths for part of their trails, giving you not just TWO fabulous options of kennels to check out, but the chance to scope out TWICE the sexy locals and visitors at whichever hash you do choose. Also, it may or may not be starting at a strip club. Because Portland.

Note: Yes, there are TWO separate kennels running together and joining forces for a portion of the evening. The start will be at the same location. There will be a joint beer check. There will be TWO separate circles, but they will be very close to each other

$5 gets you cheap beer, debauchery, and orange food. For $10 you get to run with the country club hash and get fancy beer and a home cooked meal. Aka, pick your poison (Due to the fact that there is a home cooked meal, the Stumptown requests that you RSVP so they know how much food to cook)

Detrails: Stumptown (SH3) #388

Who: Total 3 Ball

When: Thursday the march 8th
Time to meet around 6 pm,hare off around 7 pm.

What to do: Please RSVP on Meet up. PLEASE RSVP ON MEETUP. This is so we can give a cooked meal.
What to bring: $10 hash cash. $1s, $2s 5 dollar bills, a debt card to get more cash. The number to your fever uber driver.


Detrails: No Name (N2H3 #360)

Who: Bottom Dollar

When:  Dancers show up at 11 am, half minds at 6:45 p.m., hare takes off at 7 with his Stumptown partner, the two packs begin to bitch afterwards.
Why:  Because it’s Green Dress Weekend and you want to see a shared Start/BC with the other Thursday kennel.  Also it’s the No Name Analversary!
Bring:  $5 hash cash, singles for the working ladies, headlamps, green shit, sense of cooperation, thirst for beer,  hunger for orange food, gropes for Purdy.

Friday MORNING, March 9th: Morning Wood Hash (MWH3)

Already took the day off work and/or traveled to our fine city? Can’t wait until the official GDR festivities start? Lucky for you, the Morning Wood H3 will be hosting a pre-prelube Friday morning. Because moar foreplay is never a bad thing…Start will be in the same part of the town as the official pre-lube, and the hare promises to keep you drunk and entertained until the official event starts. And apparently the bar opens at 7…which makes me super proud of NoPo…

Detrails: Morning Wood Hash MWH3 #12

Hare: Total 3 Ball

Location : Nite Hawk 6423 N Interstate Ave, Portland, OR 97217

When? Meet up around 10:30, hares off around 12. Side note: bar opens at 7
What to bring?  $6.90 hash cash.  Hangover front Thursday trail. Vessel, suntan lotion, baby wipes,  a change of clothes or whatever. A dry car will be around and end up at the venue if you don’t need to go home and nap.

Friday LATE NIGHT, March 9th: Shooting Star Hash

Haven’t punished your liver enough already? Just a big patch whore? Continue your partying while donating money to a great cause, the Make a Wish Foundation, by heading on the shooting star trail for Lunar H3

Detrails: LUNAR H3 Shooting Star Trail

Who? DFL

What? A shooting star trail to raise money for the Make-A-Wish Foundation

What you need to know? $6 for trail, $6 for patch, DFL haring, starts outside the venue after the gdr stuff (so after 10pm)

Donate money to Make-A-Wish, help sick kids

Saturday MORNING, March 10th: Oregon Hash House Harriers (OH3)

If Green Dress Run isn’t enough on it’s own, kick off your Saturday morning by hashing with the Oregon H3, where they’re having a awesome trail that will feature SHIGGY and a breakfast potluck. You’ll be sure to get done with enough time to make is on the GDR trail (and we promise you to only have to do one down-down for being stupid enough to do 2 trails in one day


That’s right, a trail in the morning BEFORE the Green Dress R*n

Who: Rear Admiral

Bring: $5, BREAKFAST POTLUCK ITEM, a vessel, a dry bag with dry clothes*, a thirst for beer in the morning and a hunger for my sausage in your mouth!

Where: Couch Park (Corner of NW Hoyt St. and NW 19th Ave.) Its a 35min walk to the green dress venue and an even shorter Lyft ride!

When: Circle Jerk starts @ 9am. Hare away at 9:30 HST

What: A Short A-A trail to get your groin properly lubed for the Green Dress Hash later in the day!

*Clothes can be defined in any way you’d like. Naked is legal in Portland.