Q: Where is this event?
A: You know the screen you’ve been masturbating in front of. It’s right there! The idea is to go run trail wherever you are ,and then enjoy a weekend of socializing during different virtual events. Join when you want. Leave when you want. Rejoin when you want. Full details here.

Q: I thought PDX Green Dress 2021 was in October . . . ?
A: You are correct. This event and that event are different events. October’s event is an in person event and you can get all the information here. We felt that PDX Green Dress should still occur on the correct weekend of the year (and we are fucking bored). So we have organized this virtual FREE event to help hashers connect with each other.

Q: How many regos are available and when is the last possible moment I can get one?  
A: 6969 . . . which is to say, a lot. In case you care, that is: 7.59604e+126 registrations. This event won’t sell out nor will we shut down registration. So you can even register the Monday after the event (but you will have missed it).

Q: I’m a social media whore.  What are your channels so I can see myself everywhere?
More information on social media and where to post your pictures are cumming soon.

Q: Our kennel wants to lay a trail for PDX Virtual Green Dress. Who do I contact?
A: Go check out the Kennel Affiliates page!

Q: Gaaaahhhh I’m trying to rego but I’m a half mind and hit “back” after logging into PayPal. Now I can’t figure it out, if I re-fill out the rego form is it going to try to rego me twice? Or can I just hop over to PayPal now?
A: You are registered. There is no PayPal (how the hell did you even get there?!). You can donate here.

Q: Why do I have to donate to the charities directly? Why can’t I just send my money to you all? A:  Because taxes. And The Man. But you can fill out this form to help us track our impact!

Q: Am I supposed to wear my dress all weekend?
A:  Yes.

Q: Why should I pre-register?
A:  So you get all the details of what is going to happen over the weekend and so you get some awesome swag. Not bad for free.

Q: What happens if I am a “Just” when I register, but I get named before the event
A:  Who cares? Just change your name in the chat when you join the parties.

Q: Can I just show up and sneak in?
A:  Yes. We really don’t care. Have fun. Share the links. It didn’t cost you anything anyways. Consider donating though.

Q: What about birthdays or analversaries?
A: Hashy Birthday and Happy xth analversary! If you want more celebration, bake yourself a cake during the online party.