Code of Conduct

This event is large, and in order for a group of unpaid volunteers to mismanage it, we need everyone’s help. Below is a list of guidelines that we expect all attendees to follow. Failure to comply with all Code of Conduct guidelines may result in removal from the event. No refund will be given. Please be on your best behavior. Show respect to visiting kennels, local businesses, hotel staff, security, and your fellow hashers, including PDXGDR Mismanagement.

  1. CONSENT- Yes ONLY means YES,
    Affirmative (aka Positive) Consent is the only consent. Seriously. That’s the only consent possible. 
    • A lack of a verbal NO does not imply a Yes. When in doubt, ask.
    • If someone says NO, do not manipulate, badger, pressure, etc. the person.
    • Being naked does not imply consent to be touched. Ask first!
    • Consent may be initially given but can withdrawn at any time. If someone says NO halfway into it, you need to stop.
    • If someone is too drunk or high to consent, that is also a NO.
    • Do not violate anyone else’s personal space.
    • If you need help, go to a security guard or the PDXGDR GM’s. The GM’s this year are Hardigan Sweater, Mouthful and Ultratwatathon.
    • Please watch this video on consent:
  2. OUTSIDE ALCOHOL- Outside alcohol is not permitted in the venue. Not event a flask, not even Malort, nothing! 69% of your rego dollars has gone to providing you with some very fine Oregon beer and cider (and we really know our beer and cider here), so why would you need to bring in additional alcohol anyways?  
  3. MARIJUANA-  Marijuana is legal in the state of Oregon. Smoking of any substance (including tobacco) is NOT allowed in the venue. If you must smoke, please use the sidewalk across from the venue, and if you are outside smoking cigarettes or marijuana, please respect those around you as they may not want to inhale smoke AND may have a job where they get drug tested and don’t want to inhale your marijuana. If they ask you to move further away, please do.
  4. CHALLENGES- We are discouraging any patch challenges this year, as well as not allowing any challenge that requires the consumption of alcohol that isn’t provided by PDX Green Dress.  We will get you drunk enough!  If we see any outside alcohol in the venue for a challenge (or in general), you will be asked to leave and not return.  We want everyone to be safe while having fun.  
  5. VIOLENCE AND/OR ASSAULT- Violence or assault of any kind is not permitted and is grounds for immediate removal from the event.
  6. COMPLIANCE WITH SECURITY- Comply with all security personnel. They are also acting on behalf of PDXGDR Mismanagement and are not there to ruin anyone’s fun; they are hired to keep everyone safe and to keep things running as smoothly as possible.
  7. PHOTOGRAPHY/VIDEOGRAPHY- Do not publish or share any photos, videos, or details of PDXGDR on social media or elsewhere without express permission of those involved. Hashers are a close knit community that rely on your discretion. Use sound judgement on what you post, even within “Secret” and “Closed” Hashing groups.
  8. THEFT- No stealing. It’s that simple!
  9. INTOXICATION If you find a hasher that is highly intoxicated, please get them to a safe place. Feel free to enlist the help of PDXGDR Mismanagement or a security guard.
  10. TRESPASSERS- Being on site without a rego is considered trespassing and is grounds for removal. Only those wearing a wristband will be allowed to take part in all facets of the event including, but not limited to, trails, entrance into the event venue, etc. Do not encourage others to crash the event.
  11. ILLEGAL SUBSTANCES- The selling of illegal substances and/or the consumption of illegal substances will not be tolerated.
  12. HASH RESPECT- Watch your language around non-hashers. Don’t be abusive to the staff, the businesses that are supporting us, or the general public. Be kind to each other.