Q: What if I buy a rego and then have to go do something boring instead of party with all you halfminds?
A:  Get on the facebook group and pimp your shit out to find a buyer. Both of you then e-mail eventgms@pdxgreendress.com detailing all the dirty dirty things you agreed to do to for the price of a rego. The deadline to exchange regos is March 11th  We cannot accommodate any exchanges after then.

Q: How many regos are available and when is the last possible moment I can get one?  
A: 269!  And that really depends on when it sells out.

Q: The event is sold out! Can I be added to the waitlist? 
A: Yay!  And boo… our only allows 269 people total, so we will not have a waiting list and will not be able to open up additional spots.  We do recommend checking the facebook group periodically who have to be lame adults and sell their rego, and can accept exchanges up until March 11.

Q: Can I register after March 11?  Can I pay at the door for the hash? 
A: Sorry, but no.  We cannot and will not accept any registrations after March 11th and won’t accept rego money at the door.

Q: I’m a social media whore.  What are your channels so I can see myself everywhere?
Facebook | Instagram | Event Official Hashtag: #PDXGRD20

Q: How do I sign up to volunteer?
A: Sign up here and feel the hash karma glow in your special places. Before and day of tasks a plenty! Please note you need to be registered for the event in order to volunteer.  

Q: Gaaaahhhh I’m trying to rego but I’m a half mind and hit “back” after logging into PayPal. Now I can’t figure it out, if I re-fill out the rego form is it going to try to rego me twice? Or can I just hop over to PayPal now?
A: You’re not registered! Check your email (and spam!) for an email from Rego@robots.hashrego.com.  From that email, click on the “Payment Options” red box, and it will take you to the payments page.  That is the only way to pay.  Please do not send a paypal payment if it isn’t through the rego system – it won’t be counted and you’re not registered

Q: So the wristbands….. do I have to keep it all weekend?
A: Yep! The wristband is what gives you magical access to the booze. No wristband? No booze. If it breaks bring it to registration to get it exchanged, taped ones do not count.

Q: I don’t have a green dress and don’t know how to shop, can I just spray paint myself green?
A: Take a gander at the Facebook photos if you need some ideas. while you are free to spray paint yourself, it is strongly recommended to use a latex body paint, follow this link for other ideas. Bear in mind that technically, nudity is prohibited by Portland City Ordinance (despite being legal in Oregon generally). Not that we care one way or another, but just FYI.

Q: Am I supposed to wear my dress all weekend?
A:  No… you are welcome to, although we would prefer if you kept it clean until Saturday. Friday you should wear a kilt. Or hash clothes. Sunday wear whatever isn’t too covered in puke.

Q: Why should I pre-register?
A:  Cause this baby is gonna sell out again

Q: What happens if I am a “Just” when I register, but I get named before the event
A:  E-mail eventgms@pdxgreendress.com and we will try to make sure your name tag is adjusted to reflect your new despicable name.

Q: Can I just show up and sneak in?
A:  No, you will be kicked out by our new friend Mr. Security Guard, and we won’t be nice about it, you fucking fuck.  You can stand outside on the street and creepily peer inside while we are Drinking, Dancing, Singing, and Fornicating, though.

Q: Can I come to the Hangover hash if I am not Hungover/Still Drunk?
A:  How the fuck are you not hungover? What the hell is wrong with you? Get your ass over here and pick up a freaking mimosa already!

Q: Why do you say to bring cash? Didn’t I already pay for my rego?
A: Yes you did pay for your rego! The rego does not include transit fare, on after beer, food you decide to put in your facehole because you got the munchies, prophylactics, etc.

Q: What about birthdays or analversaries?
A: Let us know! Drop a line to eventgms@pdxgreendress.com and we’ll let the RAs know.

Q: Who is the hottest hasher registered?
A: Take a look in the mirror to find out you sexy halfmind!