Event Detrails

Bimbos and Wankers!

Welcome to the First Anal Virtual Green Dress Hash!

There will be ABSOLUTELY entry to non-paying hashers for ALL of the events. Even if you don’t eat! Even if you don’t drink! EVERYONE ENTERS! No kidding! No exceptions!

Here’s how it works:

All weekend events are FREE, but we encourage you to donate to one of these awesome charities: 

Another Round Another Rally

The Public Lands Foundation

The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline


Friday, March 12:

The Kilt Hash!

What: The Friday kilt hash is a contest! Run a trail in a particular shape. A dick? yes. Boobs with beer check nipples? Even better. You decide! Post the map of your suggestively shaped trail on the Virtual PDX Green Dress Facebook Group and a winner will be decided at Religion on Saturday night! 

6:00 am:   Trail Signups (*just kidding, you don’t have to sign up*)

When: Post your trail map by 3:00pm PST on Saturday

Where: Wherever you want!

Friday night religion will begin at 9:00pm PST and will be followed with a Dance Party.

Saturday, March 13:

The Green Dress Hash will be a scavenger hunt that can be done from any location! If you’re physically located in Portland, then your hare will be Cockjaw, who will be laying a dead trail available all Saturday and will cover many of the scavenger hunt markers. If you’re not in Portland, we encourage you to make your own local trail and hit as many of the scavenger hunt markers as you can! Post pictures from your trail to the Virtual PDX Green Dress Facebook Group. Wear a green dress!

Local Portland Detrails:

Hare: Cockjaw

When: Saturday, March 13, 2021. Will be live by 11:00am and go until religion at 9:00pm/whenever the busybody neighbors wipe the marks away

Where: Garden Home Park (North end near the SW 83rd. Ave. entrance)

What: A green dress trail. Green Flour, green chalk, green flagging tape.

Here are 69 things to find on trail: http://www.pdxgreendress.com/69-things-to-find-on-trail-or-do-with-yourself/

Schedule of Saturday events:

11:00am-9pm PST – Go Run Trail!

12:00am PST – Never Leave Camp? Start Day Drinking! 

8:30pm PST – Grab a Beer and Gather Near

9:00pm PST – Religion

10:00pm PST – Green Dress dance party featuring musical guest Bohemian Phapsody

10:15pm PST – JackBox Gaming

10:30pm PST – Chubby Chaser’s Hash News 

Sunday, March 14:

Hangover Hash!

Post pics of the most extravagant breakfast bevvie you can muster! Then take it on a walk with you around your neighborhood.  You’ll feel better afterwards, I promise. 

1:00pm PST – Closing ceremonies

A special thanks to the original founders of the PDX Green Dress Hash, Self Service and Frank Lloyd Thong. 

We cannot wait to see all your beautiful faces for real!  We’re so close, hang in there!

Cheers from the Green Dress Mismanagement Team!