Cumming Early?

Wanting to get in to Portland prior to Green Dress and want to hash?  Look below for the schedule of hashes. *Please note, the hashes listed below are not included with your Green Dress Rego, you’ll want to plan on bringing between $5-$10 hash cash per additional hash.  

Friday PM before GDR, March 22 – TGIF

What: TGIF is Portland’s local Friday hashy hour – no moving required other than going from your seat to the bar to get another beer, as well as no hash cash or hare.
Where: LABrewatory, 670 N Russell St, Portland, OR 97227. Right off the Yellow Max Line. Easy access to start of Green Dress
Why: Because you don’t need a rego to drink here, and you can’t drink at the venue until 6pm anyway! *I highly recommend the CBD Soda/Stiegel combo if available!
When: The happiest of all hours are from 3-6pm and feature $1 off all Brews on tap! You can also buy tacos next door that get delivered to the brewery!

Saturday, March 23 AM – OH3

Who: Visiting hashers Danger Can and Goes Down on a Bull Moose!
What: A hash immediately before another hash! A short trail with some shiggy and a promise* to finish up in time for you to ride share or take the train to the start of Green Dress! (* All hash lies are true. Never forget.)
Where: Right on the Max Line! Meet at the roundabout IN FRONT of the The Goose Hollow Inn 1927 SW Jefferson St. (The Goose will be closed)
When: Circle jerk begins @ 8:45, hares away @ 9am sharp!
What to bring: $5, a BREAKFAST POTLUCK DISH TO SHARE, shiggy gear, VISITORS, virgins, a dry bag with a GREEN DRESS, a thirst for beer and a masochistic view on life!

Questions about the hashes?  Best way is to join their Facebook pages and ask on the individual post for the hash.  If that’s too much, email Green Dress Mismanagment at and we’ll do our best to answer the question, but be warned, we may just direct you to their facebook pages for the questions.