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Have some questions you want to keep between you, mismanagement, and maybe your doctor? Pick what will ease the pain and we’ll see what we can do:
Comments? Concerns? Questions not listed in FAQ or the Facebook Group?
Drop us a line! If you do ask us questions listed in the FAQ section you will be mocked mercilessly so check it out!
No guarantees but out lovely guest servicer on the other end of this address will try and find you some crash space. Please list pet allergies, dates you will need crash space, measurements, and what you bring to the table to determine how worthy you are. Just kidding…probably.

All servicing after arrival is not guaranteed and dependent on your ability to keep it up.
Registration is down?! The website is down?! The beer is out?!
Drop a line to this e-mail and we’ll see what we can do!
Did you drink a little too much and forget your favorite $3 vessel somewhere? Do you plan to show up to the hangover hash needing to wear someone else’s pants because you don’t know where your stuff is?

Get your reunion going by messaging the lost and found. All items not claimed within a sufficient amount of time will be tried on by Mismanagement and whatever doesn’t fit/smells horrendously will be auctioned off!