Contact Us

  • Have some questions you want to keep between you, mismanagement, and maybe your doctor that our FAQ or Facebook group didn’t cover?
  • Concerns?
  • Questions not listed in FAQ or the Facebook Group?  If you do ask us questions listed in the FAQ section though, you will be mocked mercilessly so check it out!
  • Need Crash space? Sorry, we can’t help.  It’s a pandemic right now.
  • Registration Down?
  • Website Down?
  • Payment Issues? Seriously?  This event is free.
  • Lose your shit? Sorry.  Look around where you are.  It might be in your fridge or under your bed.  You hopefully didn’t go far.

While we’re not your responsible adult, drop us a line for any of the above and we’ll see what we can do. 

Note: Currently, email is going to because the server is still hung over from 2019. We are working on getting emails working and expect them fixed by 2/10/21.