Affiliate Kennels

PDX Green Dress Affiliated Kennels:

  1. Portland No Name H3
  2. Beaver H3
  3. Oregon Bash Grab Your Nuts!
  4. Portland Humpin’ Hash House Harriers
  5. Morning Wood H3
  6. Oregon H3
  7. Dead Whores H3
  8. Eugene H3
  9. Seattle H3
  10. SW Washington H3
  11. SavH3
  12. Your Kennel Here!

Kennels everywhere, get involved!

  • Lay a Green Dress Trail for your kennel! Every virtual trail is designed so that any half-mind, anywhere can hash. It will be scavenger hunt style- i.e. go to your favorite beer check location, go to the site of your most memorable drunken escapade, etc…  Half minds can hash alone or kennels can organize a local trail (whatever that means for you).  Green Dress trails will include a Friday Kilt Hash, a Saturday Green Dress Run, and a Hangover Hash. Let us know if you plan to hare a parallel PDX Green Dress trail for your local kennel!
  • RA religion! We have the technology! We will create a space for a (good) virtual religion (meaning, not Zoom), and are looking to fill time slots for RAs across the country…or the world?  Let us know if you’re interested in an RA timeslot!
  • On Up! Contribute to our Memorial of Hashers we’ve lost since late 2019. Send us a photo along with their hash name, kennels they hashed with, and a short write-up if you’d like to share more about them.