Green Dress 2020

Portland Green Dress Weekend 2020

March 20-22

Time to dig out your sexiest green dress and shake off the glitter for the

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Schedule of Events

  • All events will be held at VMAC – 116 SE Yamill, Portland 97214
  • Please read our Code of Conduct for the weekend, we want this to be a fun and safe space for all!

Friday, March 20 – Prelube Kilt Hash! 

  • 5:30 pm:     Check in begins
  • 6:45pm:      Hares off
  • 7:00 pm:     Pack leaves and Never Leave Camp people keep partying
  • 8:30 pm:     Pack returns and has dinner
  • 9:00 pm:     Circle
  • 10:00 pm:   Dance Party
  • 12:00 am:   GFTO and head to your hotel,  you’ve got a run tomorrow, you assholes

Saturday, March 21 – GREEN DRESS RUN

  • 12:00 pm                Check in/prelube begins
  • 12:45 pm                Group photo outside
  • 1:00 pm                   Welcome circle/Hares away
  • 1:15 pm                   Pack on-off*
  • 4:45 pm                   Pack returns, late-check in
  • 4:45-5:45 pm          Dinner is served
  • 6:00-7:30 pm          Religion
  • 7:30- 1:00 am         Dancing and Debauchery

*Important Notes: You *must* leave the venue while the pack is on trail.  You *must* check in before trail, or you will NOT be able to get beers on trail (we are not responsible for getting you a wristband during trail).

Sunday, March 22 – Hangover Hash! 

  • 9:00-10:00 am:    Check in and hare of the dog breakfast
  • 10:10 am:                Hares off
  • 10:20 am:                Pack away
  • 12:00-1:30 pm:    Religion
  • 2:00 pm:                  GTFO and head to on-afters to buy your GMs a drink for surviving the weekend

What to Bring for Trail:

  • Extra Cash for non-hash beer/liquor you want and/or transit to get your booty home
  • Technu (just kidding…)
  • ID (you will be carded)
  • For Saturday and Sunday, your wristband (we will not have extras, and if you do not have it, you will not be able to get into the venue)
  • For Friday – your kilt!
  • For Saturday – your green dress(es)!
  • For Sunday – your dignity, if you still have it!

What you get for the weekend:

  • Beer! And a non-gluten option for our glutard friends
  • Dinner both Friday and Saturday night
  • Brunch on Sunday morning (and mimosas)
  • Giveaway (TBD)
  • Private Secure Venue
  • Dancing
  • Running through the gorgeous streets of Portland
  • Poison Oak (we kid, unless that’s your thing, then Chubby can arrange it)

Volunteer with Us!

  • Are you local and want to volunteer? Volunteering does not limit drinking, hell, all the planning is legally required to be done with beer! Sign up here!

Hash Hotel!

  • We do not have an official hash hotel,

Final Detrails

There will be ABSOLUTELY NO ENTRY to non-paying hashers for ANY of the events. Even if you don’t eat! even if you don’t drink! no entry! no kidding! no exceptions!

Questions? Email us at 

On – Get Your GREEN Day Drunk On – On!