Green Dress 2019

Portland Green Dress Weekend 2019

March 22- 24

Time to dig out your sexiest green dress and shake off the glitter for the

Whether you got a little green around the gills after cumming last year, or are green with envy for missing it, here is your chance to cum celebrate the holiday made for hashers and show the amateurs how to really party.

Full Weekend – SOLD OUT! 

  • The 2019 PDX Green Dress hash has officially sold out as of January 20th.  This also means that single day regos will not be happening this year (we’re sorry!)

Schedule of Events

  • All events will be held at the same venue as 2018: The North Warehouse
  • Please read our Code of Conduct for the weekend, we want this to be a fun and safe space for all!
  • Transit options:
    • Yellow Line Albina/Mississippi Max Station
    • Bus Line: 35

Friday, March 22 – Prelube Kilt Hash! 

Hare:      Chubby Chaser
RA:          Forrest Hump

  • 6:00 pm:     Check in begins
  • 6:45pm:      Hares off
  • 7:00 pm:     Pack leaves and Never Leave Camp people keep partying
  • 8:30 pm:     Pack returns and has dinner
  • 9:00 pm:     Circle
  • 10:00 pm:   GFTO and head to On After at Holocene nightclub. Tickets covered for first 80 hashers.

Saturday, March 23 – GREEN DRESS RUN

Hares:      Bottom Dollar | Taco Flavored Pisses | Jizz Luge
RA:            Rear Admiral

  • 12:00 pm                Check in/prelube begins
  • 12:45 pm                Group photo outside
  • 1:00 pm                   Welcome circle/Hares away
  • 1:15 pm                   Pack on-off*
  • 4:45 pm                   Pack returns, late-check in
  • 4:45-5:45 pm        Dinner is served
  • 6:00-7:30 pm        Religion
  • 7:30-10:00 pm     Dancing and Debauchery
  • 10:00 pm                GTFO and head to on-after at Silverado (dancing), Gil’s Speakeasy (drinking), Union Jack’s (boobies!)

*Important Notes: You *must* leave the venue while the pack is on trail.  You *must* check in before trail, or you will NOT be able to get beers on trail (we are not responsible for getting you a wristband during trail)

Sunday, March 24 – Hangover Hash! 

Hares:      Sixty K-9 | Smell My Pinky
RA:            Barely ManBelow

  • 9:00-10:00 am:    Check in and hare of the dog breakfast
  • 10:10 am:                Hares off
  • 10:20 am:                Pack away
  • 12:00-1:30 pm:    Religion
  • 2:00 pm:                  GTFO and head to on-afters to buy your GMs a drink for surviving the weekend

What to Bring for Trail:

  • Extra Cash for non-hash beer/liquor you want and/or transit to get your booty home
  • Technu (just kidding…)
  • ID (you will be carded)
  • For Saturday and Sunday, your wristband (we will not have extras, and if you do not have it, you will not be able to get into the venue)
  • For Friday – your kilt!
  • For Saturday – your green dress(es)!
  • For Sunday – your dignity, if you still have it!

What you get for the weekend:

  • Beer! And a non-gluten option for our glutard friends
  • Dinner both Friday and Saturday night
  • Brunch on Sunday morning (and mimosas)
  • Giveaway (TBD)
  • Private Secure Venue
  • Dancing
  • Running through the gorgeous streets of Portland
  • Poison Oak (we kid, unless that’s your thing, then Chubby can arrange it)

Volunteer with Us!

  • Are you local and want to volunteer? Volunteering does not limit drinking, hell, all the planning is legally required to be done with beer! Sign up here!

Hash Hotel!

  • While we do not have an official hash hotel, we recommend the following two hotels for a killer Portland experience, and to be close to the On-afters on Friday and Saturday. Please note we have no affiliations with these hotels and do not have discounted room blocks available, but think they’re rad hotels to stumble back to.

Travel Hashers outside of Oregon or Washington

  • We’ve got you covered until March 1st for the $86.69 rego price. If you’re registering before Jan 7th, you’re good to go as it doesn’t get lower than $86.69. If you’re registering after Jan 7, register first, and then email us for further instructions. Please note that just registering doesn’t not guarantee your spot, you have to rego and pay to be counted in the 269.

Final Detrails

There will be ABSOLUTELY NO ENTRY to non-paying hashers for ANY of the events. Even if you don’t eat! even if you don’t drink! no entry! no kidding! no exceptions!

Questions? E-mail us at

On – Get Your GREEN Day Drunk On – On!