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Portland Green Dress Weekend 2018

Time to dig out your sexiest green dress and shake off the glitter for the

Click here for a link to all the PDX GDR Locations – more updates to cum

Whether you got a little green around the gills after cumming last year, or are green with envy for missing it, here is your chance to cum celebrate the holiday made for hashers and show the amateurs how to really party.

Full Weekend – Click here to register
$84.69 until January 15th** (See travel hasher note below)
$94 until February 19th (Giveaway not guaranteed after this date)
$104 until March 7th

Single Day Regos –  * no giveaways guaranteed
Will be available starting on February 20th
Friday only: $20
Saturday only: $69
Sunday only: 25


* E-mail about payment problems or to schedule any alternate payments.

Are you local and want to volunteer? Volunteering does not limit drinking, hell, all the planning is legally required to be done with beer! Click here to sign up.

**$84.69 until March 1st for travel hashers outside of OR or WA (We will check)

(This extended price is to help with flight and hotel planning. You can thank Grassy Ass(hole) for the numerous “recommendations” for this financial feature. Feel free to guilt him into cumming back for the 7th anal event! And while you are at it, check out the Travel Hasher and FAQ pages for more detrails.
Do you live in Oregon or Washington and want to register with the travel hasher price? Then thank Gispert you don’t have to pay for a flight and register before Jan 15th or we are cancelling your rego and spending the money at Mary’s.)

There will be ABSOLUTELY NO ENTRY to non-paying hashers for ANY of the events. Even if you don’t eat! even if you don’t drink! no entry! no kidding! no exceptions!

Friday, March 9 – Prelube Kilt Hash!

Click here for a link to all the PDX GDR Locations – more updates to cum
Where:     The North Warehouse, 723 N Tillamook St, Portland, OR 97227
Transit:    Yellow Line Albina/Mississippi Max Station, Bus Line: 35
6:00 pm:    Check in begins
6:45pm:     Hares off
7:00 pm:    Pack leaves and Never Leave Camp people keep partying
8:30 pm:    Pack returns and has dinner (yes, we’re giving you more than orange food this year)
9:00 pm:    Circle
10:00 pm:  GFTO and he@d (who said head?) to On Afters

On After/On On On
There will be a Shooting Star trail (not affiliated with GDR) that benefits the Make a Wish Foundation on behalf of Lunar H3 leaving from the venue. Otherwise, there are lots of great bars located near the venue. Check out the map for some ideas.

What to bring
***Extra Cash, wristband, ID (not kidding, you will be carded), kilt, liver, your dignity (who am I kidding? you lost that ages ago) virgins, headlamps, manparts to show your GMs (#showusyourmanparts)

What do you get?
Private secure venue! Shitty Trail! Kilted halfminds! Food (more than just orange food)! Beer! Gluten Free Drink Option! Dancing! After trail, return to the venue to show off your junk (if you want to) and pay your penance if we find you’re not wearing your kilt the traditional way (again, only if you want, consent is sexy). If you can’t make the run feel free to join team Never Leave Camp!

Why is this day so Epic?:
Two words: Easy. Access. Also, Wankers! Do your balls feel uncomfortably restricted? Bimbos! Have you been frustrated that you can’t easily compare and laugh at what the wankers don’t have to offer (that they are willing to show you)? Well, Friday’s kilt hash has a little something (and we do mean little!) for all of you! Cum in your best kilt or otherwise-Irish attire (old potato sack acceptable), and be prepared to show off your joke, highland style!

Need a kilt?
Stop by
Or stay Portland local with
Or drop by your local goodwill or hassle a Catholic schoolgirl and see what you can rustle up!

Saturday, March 10 – GREEN DRESS RUN

Click here for a link to all the PDX GDR Locations – more updates to cum
     The North Warehouse, 723 N Tillamook St, Portland, OR 97227
Transit:    Yellow Line Albina/Mississippi Max Station, Bus Line: 35
12:00 pm           Check in/prelube begins
1:00 pm             Group photo outside
1:15 pm             Welcome circle/Hares away
1:30 pm             Pack on-off
4:45 pm             Pack returns, late-check in, PHOTOBOOTH opens
4:45-5:45 pm     Dinner is served
6:00-7:30 pm     Religion
7:30-10:00 pm   Dancing and Debauchery
10:00 pm           GTFO and head to on-afters

On After/On On On: TBD, but see map for ideas. 10 Dix really hopes that a large contingent ends up at the Alibi, because who wouldn’t love drunken half minds in dresses singing karaoke. Also, it’s conveniently on her way home, so may be a way to convince her to go out and drink instead of just going home and passing out.

What Do You Get? Prelube, then a shitty trail around the city* to show Portland we’re doing our part to keep it weird. Drink checks (in bars, so bring your ID) Cum back for a full dinner, hot-half naked wankers and bimbos, drinking, Green Dress competition, more drinking, photo booth, Tunnel’s costume changes, alcohol, and all the fun you can convince a halfmind to join in on!
* The lead hare promised less bum poop. We don’t know if he meant quantity or species. Portland likes to keep the mystery alive!

Important Notes: You *must* leave the venue while the pack is on trail. You *must* check in before trail, or you will NOT be able to get beers on trail (we are not responsible for getting you a wristband during trail)

What to Bring
***Extra Cash, wristband, ID (not fucking kidding, we will NOT let you in the venue without it), REGO TAG, green dress, used liver, defiled virgins.

Sunday, March 11 – Hangover Hash

Click here for a link to all the PDX GDR Locations – more updates to cum
The North Warehouse, 723 N Tillamook St, Portland, OR 97227
Transit:      Yellow Line Albina/Mississippi Max Station, Bus Line: 35
Times:        **don’t forget to switch your clocks forward or risk missing out on one entire hour  of drinking)
9:00-10:00 am:     Check in and hare of the dog breakfaast
10:10 am:             Hares off
10:20 am:             Pack away
12:00-1:30 pm:     The Barely Show, aka Religion
2:00 pm:                GTFO and head to on-afters to buy your GMs a drink for surviving the weekend

On After/On On On: TBD but it will be stumbling distance, see map for ideas

What You Get
Those bimbos and wankers who manage to drag their carcasses out of bed will be treated to a breakfast spread (heh heh). There will be food, beer, and mimosas, because the best way to prevent a hangover is to not become sober!

What to Bring:

***Extra Cash, wristband, ID, REGO TAG, ibuprofen.

***Extra Cash for non hash beer you want or transit to get your ass home after you woke up god knows where wearing god knows what.
Your hash cash is covered with the rego.

Questions? E-mail us at

On – Get Your GREEN Day Drunk On – On!

Team Stench of 10 Man Parts